Customized to reflect your venue, the Wedding QuickQuoteTM is not your standard RFP, it is the personalized response clients want from your site. The instant answer to date availability and an estimated cost pique the user’s interest and excitement.

WQQTM Benefits

To increase client visibility in the bridal marketplace, two essential components are included in the Wedding QuickQuoteTM:

1. Wedding Vanity Site

A website specifically for your Wedding QuickQuoteTM is created by MAD-Marketing and customized to reflect your property and destination. Descriptive text, images and links are all included. The site is meta-tagged to maximize search engine optimization. A brief explanation of the Wedding QuickQuoteTM is a featured component that will increase usage and help capture important data.
View an example of a WQQ Vanity Site

2. E-Channel Marketing Program

eChannel Marketing is an affiliate program created to increase the visibility of venues using the Wedding QuickQuoteTM.

A client’s personal Wedding QuickQuoteTM icon is placed on relevant partner websites such as: bridal & women eMagazines and traditional wedding products and services websites. Members receive the benefit of our promotions on Facebook, Linkedin, Press Releases, Blogs, all within the wedding industry media.

Our associate website, Wedding Destinations and QuoteTM features our client properties by destination. Your property's listing is meta-tagged and features a description with images of the property, and a link to your Wedding QuickQuoteTM form. This wedding destination directory also features advertising for wedding vendors and the Something New Blog.

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