Case Study: WQQ Increases Wedding Venue Bookings Resulting In 40:1 ROI In The First Year!

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Do you want to increase your wedding business? With a 90% usage rate, this tool will increase your wedding bookings quickly and significantly. Wedding QuickQuote is one of the best sales tools I have seen lately. More than half of my hospitality sales career was in Catering & Convention Services and as an EVP of Sales & Marketing for one of the top five third party management companies for 10 years, I have seen my share of tools. Trust me! I know a good sales tool when I see one. For many years, I trained sales people that the first proposal in the buyer’s mailbox is the standard for which all other proposals will be compared to. Therefore, it is very important to respond within hours of getting the sales lead. However, in a busy sales environment that can sometimes be a challenge.  And to top it off our clients want instant gratification. Wedding QuickQuote, is the solution you need for capturing the attention of brides, couples and wedding planners. Within minutes a potential bride can check for space, view your venue, select her package and amenities and receive an estimated quote for her event. No other booking tool offers such ease of use for the buyer and places the venue ahead of the competition with response time. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, when you sign up for Wedding QuickQuote, it comes with a micro vanity site to showcase your weddings, a social media audit to insure you are using cutting edge best practices to attract wedding clients and state of the art lead tracking and data capture. In a recent case study a hotel received bookings resulting in a 40:1 ROI in the first year! The pricing for Wedding QuickQuote is very reasonable. Book one wedding and you have paid for your annual subscription! I am sure by now you are asking your self why you are not using this fantastic sales booking tool or why you haven’t heard of Wedding Quick Quote. No worries! Email Lovell Casiero, President; FLC Business Consulting and I will be happy to provide you with information and help schedule a demo. Don’t delay! As you are reading this blog, your competition could be finding out about this competitive advantage for booking weddings. Download PDF

What Users Are Saying About Wedding QuickQuote…

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Download .PDF “Wonderful idea.  Wish more venues used this program.” ~ becauseican077   “easy to use and even better packages for the price, will be coming back just searching around for other information. thank you” ~ keuankaewgray   “Great experience!” ~ carolynne72   “Thank you and I hope I can have my wedding here.” ~ CappuccinoCar92   “very nice. loved how fast & easy that process was” ~ ariel.watts   “loved the wedding quick quote!” ~ asb1120   “this was very convenient; great start, look forward to meeting event planner to discuss further info” ~ ashatucf   “Great system! Looking forward for someone to contact me with more info!!” ~ lquaiscer   “Quick and easy experience that really will help in our decision on what venue to go with” ~ brandi9621   “Fast and easy.” ~ m_angel1975 “I enjoyed that there were options to select what I wanted and also for each selection there was a description.” ~ adeltrujillo91   “I love how it allowed us to choose the things we wanted instead of making us pick and choose between things we really want and a bunch of things we do not need. Before looking at TI we were very close to booking with Viva Las Vegas because their packages were reasonable and included what we wanted in a nice outdoor setting. TI has made us consider a hotel venue again. Thank you.” ~ simplyannalise   “I REALLY liked this feature.  I fell less anxious when I can see an estimate of costs up front.  Thank you!” ~ Kwhiteecu   “So easy to use! My fiance even commented that it was the easiest form we’ve filled out all day! Thank you :)” ~ lisagenovese25   “My QuickQuote experience is best experience I have thus far in my search for a wedding venue. Not having to wait for a quote is helping us expedite and save precious time in making a final decision for our special day.” ~ dawnsledge33   “Very impressed on how quick and easy it was!” ~ amekyork   “It was easy to do they had everything that I wanted for my wedding” ~ tontee17   “I was excited to see that there was a QuickQuote option on the website.  However, the page crashed numerous times and I was unable to go back and change my selections to see changes in price.  When I closed the page and re-entered the QuickQuote website from the wedding page on the Windjammer website, I experienced better results.  The page did not crash and the loading time was faster.” ~ carlynfreddiewedding

Users Like Wedding QuickQuote

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According to a recent survey, based on user feedback of the Wedding QuickQuote online electronic request for proposal... 100% Loved it! 100% Found it easy to use How much will the QuickQuote influence your decision to book the venue? 79% Strongly influenced by WQQ to book venue 16% Somewhat influenced by WQQ to book venue 5% None influenced by WQQ to book venue (Venues using WQQ still receive incomplete, abandoned or denied RFPs to contact the user for further negotiation.) Which of the following is the most important to you when looking for a venue? 50% Pricing (WQQ provides an INSTANT COST ESTIMATE) 11% Testimonials 21% Images/Videos (WQQ provides a vanity site full of collateral) 05% Venue Contact Info (Available on WQQ Vanity Site) 13% Other And the best part, usually the booking of only one wedding, will return your investment!

What Frustrates Today’s Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners Most

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According to recent data culled by QuickQuote Solutions (Survey Responses Through 1/31/2016 - 148 respondents) from brides, grooms and wedding planners, these are the most frustrating issues while conducting an online venue selection search: 65% Lack of information on wedding site 17% Other 10% Slow Response 8% Contact inquiry form When a venue purchases a license to use Wedding QuickQuote... A WEDDING VANITY SITE is included with the purchase, including wedding ceremony/reception images Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners receive an INSTANT RESPONSE, including wedding date availability and estimated cost; Wedding Venues receives the eRFP whether or not the user chooses the venue, allowing for follow-up and/or negotiation Wedding QuickQuote is an EASY-TO-USE, PICK & CLICK form Contact QuickQuote Solutions today to "cater" to today's brides, grooms and wedding planner!

Wedding QuickQuote & Bridal Tweet

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        Wedding QuickQuote has formed an alliance with  A thriving company that has inspired engaged couples and wedding professionals worldwide.  The site spotlights and links to our QuickQuote venues by destination.  With a following of thousands, BridalTweet's Blog & Tweets feature the latest trends in wedding fashion, decor, invitations, ambiance and more for 2016.

The New Millennium: Attracting the Millennial Bride

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The New Millennium: Attracting the Millennial Bride by Jayne Leigh Hallock First things first. What – exactly – is the definition of a “Millennial?” You hear that term thrown around so much but what does it really, truly mean? According to Wikipedia, “Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.” That’s a pretty broad range, isn’t it? It’s essentially a full generation of people. Young people! Anyone over the age of 15 and under the age of 35 could qualify as a Millennial. Perhaps more important than what specific age they are, it’s critical to know what they want. Does it differ than what an older bride might want? The general marketing consensus is yes. Catering to an older bride can be different than dealing with Millennials. Here’s a quick list of the ways that millennial brides are different than older brides and what you can do to attract them! Be Quick: This couple grew up in an instant-gratification world. You need to be lightning fast in your response time. If they send you an email on Friday and you don’t reply until Monday, you probably have lost them. If you are lucky enough to get them texting you, text them back immediately.  That’s what they are used to and what they expect and if you aren’t quickly responsive before they hire you, they’ll worry you will be even less so once you have closed the deal. Be Affordable: You may feel like people just aren’t willing to spend money on weddings like they are used to. You may even chalk it up to younger couples being too cheap or too picky. But think about it –  years ago, it was much more common for couples to have family help in paying their wedding bills.  Not so any longer. More and more young couples are ponying up the cash themselves! Add in the fact that most of them are just starting out in their careers and don’t have as much money as an older engaged couple, and you start to understand why they might need to be a little tighter with their budgets!  So offer simpler, more affordable options for your millennial couples. Teamwork: Lose the old, bad habit of talking about and dealing with just the bride. More and more grooms are getting involved in the planning as well. By talking about her wishes and “her big day” you risk alienating the groom. You also risk looking old fashioned and sexist. Open Your Mind: Same sex marriages are here to stay, after the recent ruling by the Supreme Court. If you can’t get past that fact, then maybe the Millennial market isn’t for you. Even if the younger couple is a male and female, if they find out you don’t like being involved in same sex marriages, they could pass you up in ...

The Florida Aquarium Starts Construction on the Mosaic Center

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The Florida Aquarium Starts Construction on the Mosaic Center

Completing the $15M Rising Tides Capital Campaign & Contributing to the Revitalization of the Channel District October 21, 2015 - Tampa, Florida - The Florida Aquarium announced today the official start of construction on the new 7,500 square foot Mosaic Center. This new event center will fill a much needed capability for the Aquarium whose weddings and event business has skyrocketed in recent years - get a QuickQuote for your wedding now. As the revitalization of the Channel District takes shape, the Aquarium’s Mosaic Center will be a critical resource and draw for in the influx of groups looking for event space in downtown Tampa. The revenue earned from the Mosaic Center will help fund the non-profit Aquarium’s mission based initiatives including the rescue and rehabilitation of animals and coral propagation work. “The Mosaic Center will not only transform the structural look of the Aquarium but will be an instrumental piece in the transformation of the Channel District providing an additional resource for the growing community,” said Thom Stork, president and CEO of The Florida Aquarium. “We thank our friends and partners at Mosaic for their generous donation. None of this would have been possible without their help and longtime support.” Completion of the Mosaic Center will signify the successful end to The Florida Aquarium’s $15M Rising Tides Capital Campaign which kicked off in 2012. Mosaic’s record $2.5 Million donation kicked off the campaign so it is only fitting that the Mosaic Center will be the final project in the campaign. “We are excited to get this project underway and to be part of the ongoing growth in the downtown Tampa area," said Gary (Bo) Davis, Sr. Vice President of Phosphate Operations. “The new Mosaic Center is a great example of our longstanding partnership with our friends at the Aquarium and our mutual commitment to the community," he added. About The Florida Aquarium The Florida Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution whose mission is to entertain, educate and inspire stewardship about our natural environment. The Florida Aquarium is home to more than 20,000 aquatic plants and animals representing species from Florida and around the world. About The Mosaic Company The Mosaic Company is the world’s largest combined producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, two essential crop nutrients. Driven by its mission to help the world grow the food it needs, Mosaic is committed to strengthening global food security and protecting critical water resources. The Mosaic Company and The Mosaic Company Foundation make investments in and partner with best-of-class leaders in the focus areas of food, water and local community investments. More information about Mosaic is available at

Hilton Palacio del Rio San Antonio’s first hotel to offer an Instant Online Wedding Quote

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Hilton Palacio del Rio San Antonio’s first hotel to offer an Instant Online Wedding Quote

Serving the bridal market is a priority at Hilton Palacio Del Rio. The River Walk hotel is featuring an “Immediate Response” solution on their wedding page to improve and heighten an online visitor’s experience. SAN ANTONIO – November 3, 2015 – MAD-Marketing and the Hilton Palacio del Rio announced today that the Wedding QuickQuote application is now being featured on the hotel’s website. Taking a leadership role in San Antonio’s hotel community by offering an “Instant Response” platform, the Hilton Palacio del Rio continues to provide extraordinary service to its clientele. Director of Sales and Marketing Brian Getman was intrigued by a program that would expedite the response and communication process between a potential customer and his staff. “We opted to include the Wedding QuickQuote application because most inquiries are coming from working couples doing their research on the web. An application that allows a user to plan their event, and within seconds receive a tentative proposal, demonstrates our commitment to service and trust,” said Mr. Getman. “Our reputation for creating memorable events is based on the personal relationships we build with our clients,” said Liz Rauschuber, Director of Catering and Events. “Today’s bride (Age: 18-35) does most of her site shopping online. We aim to support that market by using Wedding QuickQuote to open our office 24/7 and instantly provide answers as to tentative date availability and the approximate cost. At the Hilton Palacio del Rio website, a visitor using the pick-and-click format will be able to review and select wedding packages, various amenities, plan their special day in detail and receive an immediate response. We are here to make the whole experience as easy as possible.“ “Wedding QuickQuote is getting rave reviews from the bridal community and is changing online communication within the hospitality industry. The WQQ is a call to action, lead generating machine. The promise of receiving an Instant Quote upon completing the customize app is an offer very few website visitors can resist. A property that interacts with a potential customer and provides an immediate answer will outclass their competition every time and has a four-to-one chance of booking the business,” said Madeline Daryadel, creator of the Wedding QuickQuote and former Director of Social Catering at the Bonaventure. About Hilton Palacio Del Rio The Hilton Palacio del Rio is located on the River Walk in San Antonio. Recently renovated, their 485 rooms reflect a soft southwest motif and feature both river and city views. Offering over 27,000 square feet of function space, let us host and help you celebrate your dream wedding in one of our two rooftop ballrooms. Your guests will experience the best of Texas hospitality and there is no lack of entertainment, dining options and attractions within walking distance of the hotel. Get a Wedding QuickQuote. About Wedding QuickQuote Established in the late 1990s, MAD-Marketing, a.k.a. MADSearch, was soon to be known as QuickQuote Solutions. Formerly associated with Cendyn, the company has always been a dedicated partner to the hospitality community. Always a step ahead, the Wedding QuickQuote™ is ...

Allegria Hotel Sets “Venue Selection” Bar In New York With Wedding QuickQuote

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MAD-Marketing and the Allegria Hotel announced today that the Wedding QuickQuote application is now being featured on the hotel’s website.  Using the industry’s first online “Instant Response” inquiry platform will expedite the response and communication process between customers and staff. Rosanna Herrera, Allegria Hotel’s Marketing Manager had been searching for an online format that would best serve today’s customer in their search for a wedding venue.  “We opted to include Wedding QuickQuote on our site because the majority of our cliental are busy working people who do their research on the web. Providing an application that allows a user to select various options and receive a customized, tentative proposal within seconds, demonstrates our commitment to service and trust,” said Ms. Herrera. “Our catering team has always strived for the highest level of service and creativity,” said, Peter Pizarro. Director of Catering. “Our success is built on the personal relationship we build with each client. With the Wedding QuickQuote our office is now equipped to provide an immediate response at any time. The pick-and-click format displays our wedding packages and amenities. Fun to use, this new service ignites the bride’s imagination and allows her to plan her own special day, and receive an immediate response.” “I never met a bride or wedding planner that didn’t want an answer yesterday" said Madeline Daryadel, creator of Wedding QuickQuote and former Director of Social Catering at the Bonaventure Resort in Fort Lauderdale.  "We saw a need, millennials don't like waiting and with Wedding QuickQuote a reply to date availability is immediate, and an estimated cost is presented within seconds.  Now a wedding can be planned online and the user will receive, instantaneously, a personal, tentative proposal based on the hotel's customized selection of menus and amenities.” About Allegria Hotel The Allegria Hotel, Long Island’s only luxury oceanfront hotel, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the iconic Long Beach Boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean, a rooftop pool, restaurant and lounge with entertainment. The 143-room hotel is located eleven miles from John F. Kennedy International Airport, close to The Hamptons and an easy drive into Manhattan. A roof top wedding overlooking the Atlantic followed by a gala reception in the Allegria Hotel ballroom will provide memories to last a lifetime.  Your guests will enjoy the easy-going atmosphere of an exclusive beach club. Get A Wedding QuickQuote.

Wedding Tips & Tricks eNewsletter

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Wedding QuickQuote is in the process of creating "Wedding Tips & Trips," an eNewsletter designed to help plan your wedding and honeymoon. Our target date for first mailing is set for October 19, 2015. Opt In!

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